About us

About us

Our priorities are the high quality and reliability of our products, as well as a comprehensive range of services.

The JOST Group is an enterprise which since its establishment in 1952 has achieved a leading position worldwide in the manufacturing of components for commercial vehicles. It has a tradition of success based on flexibility, technical know-how, entrepreneurial action and a close relationship with its employees. 

As the expectations of end users and vehicle manufacturers for supplier performance become increasingly exacting and our customers rightly demand defect-free, reasonably priced products and services worldwide, its absolutely essential that our products and services offer high quality and reliability in order to maintain the competitiveness and advancement of our enterprise.

Apart from economical and social responsibility we have ecological responsibility to our customers, employees and the community. Our activities are in harmony with legal and ethics standards. We give special attention to the protection and preservation of environment . 

All employees are therefore called upon to respond with commitment and flexibility to customer requirements, to deploy all their skills to achieve the zero-defect target, prevent pollution and to make possible the continuous improvement of products and processes by ongoing upgrading of their skills and personal development.
Only then will the Company succeed in maintaining and strengthening its position as world market leader in international competition and in safeguarding the continued existence and development of the operating locations through growth and innovation.

With the implementation of the process management system, company management commits itself to: 

  • meeting the special requirements of our customers and of all recognized laws, standards and directives 
  • save resources and reduce waste and emissions to the environment to a large degree 
  • define clear-cut targets adjusted to our processes 
  • encourage and support all employees in achieving the company targets, and to provide the necessary resources 
  • continuous measuring and monitoring of the realization of the planned performance 
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